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DeepLight Standards Technology Co.,Ltd.

Melting products sales barriers, your closest advisers. Test certification, your product checking-up expert. 

DeepLight Standards Technology Co.,Ltd., is the China product test, national laws and regulations consulting, product certification services of pioneer and leader. On a global scale for Chinese and foreign enterprises to provide one-stop testing certification service plan. 

Depend on our team work in the industry for more than eight years of professional test engineers and nanny sales engineers to work together, we are not only have a first-class Keysight, 7 Layer, SATIMO test system but also including the United States, the European Union, Japan and other 18 countries and regions more than 29 international authoritative institutions, including the Bluetooth SIG, FCC, CEC, ETL, MET, TIMCO, SIEMIC, Germany TUV, EMCC, PHOENIX, Eurofins, BZT, UK ITS, French BV, Dutch Telefication, Switzerland SGS, Australia SAA, Canadian CSA, IC, Norway NEMKO institutions such as the all-round cooperation, and according to the actual needs of customers and tailor our service, help customers new products into the country more rapidly and Asia, Africa, Europe and America and other countries around the world markets, melt in different areas and market regulatory requirements relating to product, to our global clients with unparalleled and expert convenient test certification services. 

1) our certification service is as follows: 
Alliance certification: Bluetooth Bluetooth BQB certification. 

International electrotechnical CB. The wi-fi alliance certification. 

Global recognition BBS GCF. PCS model PTCRB certification certification committee. 

Asia Pacific: wireless approved SRRC.
China: CCC, access network CTA. China's Taiwan NCC, BSMI. 

Australia RCM, C - Tick, A - Tick. 

Japan's TELEC, Japan JATE wave method. 

South Korea KC. The BIS in India. Saudi Arabia SASO. 

America: the United States FCC (Verification, Doc, ID), UL and CEC. Canada IC. Mexico NOM. 

Europe: eu CE (LVD, EMC, R&TTE, RED), ROHS, ERP, REACH. 

Russian GOST. 

(2) our testing services: bluetooth radio RF and profile test. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and SAFETY (SAFETY), radio frequency (RF) and environmental protection (RoHS, REACH). Wireless communication products electromagnetic radiation ratio of SAR OTA test. Battery, chemical, toys, textiles, d), lamps and lanterns, audio analysis, energy saving, environment and the reliability and performance testing. Many famous enterprises at home and abroad, is ours valuable customers. 

DeepLight Standards Technology Co.,Ltd., is willing to provide independent, close-fitting, saving type test certification service, combined with the deep understanding of industry knowledge as well as to the local conditions and insight to help brands ahead in the domestic and international market, keep the competitive advantage, success in the changing global market.